How to Sell High Ticket Offers Workshop


Join me for my How to Sell High Ticket Offers workshop where I’ll teach you how to sell your own top shelf services & products AND get people to sign up for high ticket affiliate offers, like masterminds with your favorite coach.

This has been the bread and butter of my business the past few years, to the tune of multiple thousands of dollars! So if you want to learn how to do this, too… the time is now!  Because I haven’t even taught this to my 1:1 coaching students yet. You’ll get the opportunity of learning my techniques before anyone else with this beta run of the workshop.

But wanna hear the BEST PART?!?

It’s only $50 to sign up!!! YES! You read that right. I can show you how to make thousands per month closing high ticket offers for a beta price of just $50!

So sign up below, then within 30 minutes you’ll be emailed a link to claim your spot today!



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