Modern Day Affiliate


I run into new affiliate marketers every single day in Facebook groups. And lots of times I get asked the same questions again and again. 
Questions like…
  •  What exactly IS affiliate marketing?
  •  How do I get started with affiliate marketing?
  •  How much money can I make with affiliate marketing?
  •  How long does it take to start earning with affiliate marketing?

So I’ve partnered with my buddy, Gwen, to come up with Modern Day Affiliate!

This bundle includes…
Concepts, Next Steps, Implementation Tips, Mindset Training, Content Resources, and Guides to help you get started with affiliate marketing on the two most powerful social media platforms out there…

Facebook, YouTube, and InstaGram


Resources like…
  • A workshop training that teaches you how to monetize your life AND your business
  • A comprehensive guide and training video on how to create an effective YouTube channel
  •  Video training on how to create a yearly content plan with a swipe file to get started
  •  Two email sequence swipe files
  •  A lead tracking video training with accompanying spreadsheet to maintain effective networking
  •  A Facebook live content schedule swipe file
  •  How to video for using an email service provider

Everything you need to get started monetizing Facebook and YouTube… 

The resources we’ve compiled will allow you to start earning passive income WITHOUT…
  • Having to worry about getting a website set up
  • Needing to have a large audience when you’re just starting out
  • AND without having to spend hours figuring out WHAT you should do and HOW!


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